Would it be possible to dominate this niche?

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    Hey BHW,
    I have found a niche that I think I can dominate. I would like to valued input of this community before I proceed. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Here are the top ten competitors for my keyword:

    img840 imageshack us(forwardslash)img840(forwardslash)6447(forwardslash)keyword1 jpg

    The allintitle search for the keyword yields 863 results
    The allinanchor search for the keyword yields 13 300 results (only a few are an exact match)

    None of the competitors have the key words in their domain name. The keyword domain is till available for some tlds.

    Only the top competitor has 39 anchor links that match the keyword. The rest don't have any anchor links matching the keyword.

    My only worry is the age of the domains that the competitors own and maybe the page rank.

    My thought is if I have my keyword as my domain name and get precise and quality backlinks (like 1000 or so over the next 6 months) for the keyword and quality regularly updated content relating to my keyword then I would be able to dominate (#1 position) in 6 months time.

    Can anyone give me some advice? is this possible?
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