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    Hey guys,
    This is a great forum, thought i'd share this little blackhat method I've thought up and have actually made money from. First up, things your going to need:

    1) World of Warcraft game (Patched to 3.3.5)
    2) Photoshop
    3) Leadbolt account (or any other content blocker cpa network) access.

    So whats this all about? This is simply an effective way of getting a hungry, addicted online game player to fill out a survey for free gametime. (I also 'upsell' surveys to them in effect)

    Results so far:
    (bearing in mind this is the first money I've made using Leadbolt so the surveys I get on my blocker are between $0.50-$1.50 per complete)

    Leads: 210
    Conversions: 30 (14.29%)
    Approved: 30

    Total: $22.45

    This overall (photoshop taking the most time by far) has taken me 5 hours to produce these results.

    Minus set up, Just under 3 hours.

    Lets get down to it.

    Firstly set up a blogger blog / wordpress with (wow|gamecard|Freewow) etc something that suggests a free wow item in the name. You don't need to buy a domain for this, I haven't

    Ill take what I've done to use as an example, but there must be thousands of variations of this method to work just as well with wow.

    My blog claims to be a wow cd key/ wow gametime code/ wow beta account information generator. All of these things appeal to wow players as they are either expensive for them to buy or not accessible to everyone.

    The main step in setting this up is photoshopping a "screenshot of the tool" ill give you a link to the blog im using later if you want to get an idea of what it could look like.

    After you've got this screenshot you want to build up a couple of posts on your blog. One of them, explaining what this "great tool" does. Make people feel lucky to have stumbled across this website. And get the idea across that its underground and not allowed. The other being a "download instructions" post. Important: make sure you tell them that they will have to complete a survey early on. Feel free to copy what I've put on my blog, or change it around if you think you can make it convert better. But yeah, Just say something along the lines of :-

    Download Instructions:

    Below you'll find instructions on how to get your hands on "wowtoolx", please bare in mind as we cannot release this tool to the general public, its hard to keep ontop of our development and running costs. We make our money through donations and users filling out a quick survey before downloading the tool (This gives us a small commission) Don't worry the survey will cost you nothing but 45 seconds of your time.
    1) Follow this download link
    2) Complete a survey of your choice when prompted
    3) On completion download the tool
    4) Virus Scan the file to make sure you haven't received this from anyone apart from "The name of your blog" (option to link them to a virusscan site)
    5) run the tool and enjoy!

    Something like that. Players are very cautious about viruses so make sure you emphasise the importance to scan the file.

    Next create a winrar/zip file. Make it around 1mb. In this folder needs to be another zip file thats meant to be "the tool", password protect this file. Very important that you password protect the zip file inside the first zip. Have another .txt file in the original zip called "Read Me" or "Instructions" upload it to mediafire or anything similar.

    Then we want to create your download page (on a blogger blog its posts> edit pages > new page) This page will be blocked by your gateway. (I dont think you need a tut on how to put a gateway up on this page) Its totally self explanatory if your using leadbolt anyway, if you cant get it working im sure this forum can provide a tut for you.

    Have a little thank you message followed by your download link (make it a hyperlink so people can't see through the survey gateway and copy it into their browser)

    After users have downloaded the zip they will extract it and realise they can't get into the file. The .txt file is where they will go next. Have something saying "To get your password please go to <your pw site>" (you can create another gateway page or a new blog, entirely your choice)with another zip file.

    Upload a .txt in a zip to mediafire again and just put an expired mediafire link in it, add a message along the lines of "please don't share this with anyone you don't trust" to make them feel like they've stumbled across an old link/ an error. This will prevent people reporting your blog.

    Right so we have all that set up. Now its time for traffic. This is really the best part of this tutorial. This traffic although being manual its totally free, high volume and targetted.

    So earlier i mentioned you needing world of warcraft patched to 3.3.5

    Edit: cant post links
    Seach "Top wow private servers in google, go to the top result"

    Next, make a new e-mail account. hotmail, gmail it dosent matter. and do the following.

    Open up a txt file
    Register to the top 20 private realms on that website. Make your account name and password to each the same (to save you time) then make a note of each realmlist and the number players per server.

    Once you've done that lets start making money!

    Go to the realmist file (wow>data>enUS/GB> realmlist) enter in the first realmlist you saved in notepad) Save that file (make sure wow isnt already open).

    Open up wow and log into the game using your user/pass

    Log onto these private realms (starting with the smallest first, to learn conversion tactics).

    Make a character (important that its not like "freestuffguy" ) make a name that you would use for that character.

    If you've played wow before. You'll know how to use trade chat. If not press enter > type /2 > spacebar.

    Now I've found that saying "Get free wow gamecards at <your site>" dosent work. I studied how people tend to talk on the trade channels and went with a whiney post. something like "This server is so bad, why do I even play here anymore when you can get free retail gametime" then i wait for people to whisper me.

    I have an auto response copied so i can ctrl+v it. Alternatively you can play the long game. If someone replies "how??" I would reply with "Whats it worth?" or "Why should i tell you". Now I thought of this previously, so i adapted my blog for it. I have 3 parts of my non-existant "tool" and state that the free version only allows users 1 of each part per 30 days. So i would reply to people in whispers "I'll tell you if you give me X part when you register, I don't want to pay $10 to get the derestricted version". This converted really well for me.

    So to summarise what were doing:

    1) Make a blog with a wow related name
    2) photoshop an image of a tool used to generate your chosen free wow related product.
    3) Get your blog pages/ posts sorted
    4) Test your zip file links and password protects
    5) Add your gateway
    6) Get a list of private realm's realmlists & sign up to them via the above link.
    7) Start generating leads!

    Thats about it guys, be creative and I'm sure you'll achieve results as good if not better than mine. Would be cool to turn this thread into an ideas funnel. Have anything to add or change that could make this alot more profitable then lets hear it!

    The blog I made for this is wowxs blogspot (fill in spaces with .'s)

    Hope you liked this thread, Post your success stories here!

    Cheers guys,

    p.s if you want to thank me, go fill out a survey on my blog ! :D

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    Just something to add, (good method btw, I've thought about doing something similar before), I'm pretty sure you can make macro's with your text in it, that saves more time then typing the individual responses and you can have multiple responses instead of just control +v
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    Thanks Sampler, Didn't think of that. I was considering getting a bot made for (I guess) $200 ish. And doing the same thing on live realms, maybe with mount/card game codes. But just with a spam bot. Should be able to get infront of atleast 5000-10000 players before the account gets banned. Do you know if blizzard bans your IP as well as account?
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    I'm not really sure but my guess would be an account ban not an IP ban. Reason being many people often play wow under the same roof. However, I haven't played wow since WOTLK came out so they might have changed their policy, so tread cautiously.
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    Very good idea :) way to think out of the box!! another big thing you could do is target anything cata right now! With all the gamers out there who are getting for the expansion in 14 days you are guaranteed to make at least a little cash!