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Working full time and doing IM on the side?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by letsnba, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. letsnba

    letsnba Newbie

    Oct 21, 2012
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    I got into e-commerce/IM from selling iPhone unlock services on eBay. I was making really good money for a college student but I didn't really know about SEO and IM and how vast it was so I never got to capitalize on my "niche" as much as I could have. Increased competition and eBay policies slowly destroyed my revenues and sucked my soul until I was broke, emo, desperate and full of despair and stuff this time last year.

    Luckily I got a full time job that helped me get back on my feet before I went completely broke. I just graduated so I've had more time on my hands. I've been thinking about trying to get back into IM.

    I'm not expecting to make instant profits right away but I feel like a good short term goal is to make a few extra hundred a month to supplement my main income. Would it be realistic/possible to reach that within months to a year for someone that's kind of a beginner? I'm not a complete newbie and I have some understanding of SEO terms, techniques, ideas, etc. and I have experience with web design/development. I can even invest some of my paychecks into my projects if needed. I've had some experience with success from my little eBay venture but that eventually failed. I just kind of feel like I won't have enough time to invest because of my job.
  2. lord1027

    lord1027 Elite Member

    Sep 20, 2013
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    If you already made money once, you can do it again. I suggest you stick to your job for now and work when you can for your IM projects.
  3. rabbitking

    rabbitking Elite Member

    Sep 24, 2013
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    Invest some of your money as you can into your IM business and then build it until it replaces
    your current job. The tough part comes in when you are in the transitional phase of it all and
    that's when you have to almost work two jobs until it breaks over full time.

    Hang tough, invest, and treat it like a second job and you will get there! :)

  4. javilan

    javilan Newbie

    Jun 14, 2014
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    The same situation here. I have no full time to IM. Anyways... the free time i have the moment i spend to read a lot this forum. The more i read the more i get confused lol due to the several ways to earn money and i haven't realized what is the best method that adapts to me. Im trying with instagram , pinterest affiliate , website SEO amazon or adsense. im completely newbie although i have some understanding about what i am doing because of my job that is related to computers and systems you know.

    Well i hope you can make your projects succeed. I suggest you just to start reading from the section "making money" and when you feel ready to start , go do it!
  5. michaelr1988

    michaelr1988 Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2011
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    There is enough hours in the day to do both full time if you work 8 hour day, come home do 3 hour then add some extra hours on weekend. This is what I do. If you enjoy IM, finding the time should be easy, just be sure to take regular breaks/go for run etc.

    Eventually you can scale and outsource with your earnings, then you will have more time free for your hobbies etc.

    Your goal is absolutely realistic. But you gotta put the effort in in the hours you do have spare. I find myself daydreaming after work sometimes.
  6. flipzseo

    flipzseo Regular Member

    Dec 4, 2013
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    Very realistic. I work a full time job and started IM in November of last year. My sites make a few hundred a month at the moment and I'm always looking to add to that. It does take some hard work and long hours for sure, but it is very possible. At one point I stopped for a month as I just felt overloaded, but I came back fresh with some good ideas that started turning into extra cash.

    I cannot wait until I can transition to it full time. I figure that will be in another year or two. If you're passionate about it, it makes the time spent on it feel well spent. It started as a hobby for me. Once I saw the first dollars trickle in I started becoming more serious and treat IM like a legitimate business.

    Good luck!
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  7. natedogg

    natedogg Regular Member

    Dec 9, 2012
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    IM, Sales
    In my opinion it matters where you live and your spending habits if you want to make IM your full-time job. NEVER live above your means. I had so many of my friends and family losing homes and filing bankruptcy because of keeping up with the joneses. With that said I work a full-time job and make X,XXX a month with IM. I am no where close to quitting my day job but I love the xtra money. You will be able to make your goal with hardwork and dedication! Good Luck:)