Workin on a BALLIN site. But need some advice

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    I've been working on a new site for a little while now and when it comes out it's gonna BLOW YOU AWAY. I'm having a little bit of trouble with getting some features that I want though. I'm using Joomla for it so if anyone has some good experience with it, I'd love to hear it.

    I need to have two types of users. We'll call them UserA and UserB.

    (This following section is badly worded, if you're confused then skip to the number list)

    UserA registers with the site, pending admin approval, and is then brought to a page where he makes a profile. He enters his information in preset fields (one of these being a html embed code) and can upload a picture that will show up on his profile which can be seen by anyone

    So UserA's profile consists of information that he put in.

    UserB registers, doesn't need admin approval, and can then do a few things. UserB doesn't have a public profile. UserB can view UserA's profile and can add UserA's profile to a favorites page that's made individually for UserB when he registers. UserB can also review UserA (probably using the jreviews extension).

    So to sum it up. I need to do a couple things
    1. Have two classes of users (and some way to make it easy for them to sign up)
    2. Make it so that UserA class members have a public profile that they can edit. (preferably pending admin approval)
    3. Make it so that UserB class members have a MyFavorites page and can add UserA's profile to it.

    If anyone knows how to do any of these things (or even all of them), I'd love to hear any suggestions.