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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by wandering, Jun 19, 2011.

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    I am trying out the WPRobt with thebestspinner attachment and I am mighty impressed. This is my first autoblog attempt.

    WPRobot pulls articles from a few databases and thebestspinner... spins them. There is an option to strip the links and whatnot from the articles pulled, however it is against the TOC of the article bases to do so.

    There is also an option to save the spun articles in the format that thebestspinner uses which is something like {syn1|syn2..}. From there I can go and hand select the synonyms to make sure the article is readable.

    I haven't got a copyscape account to check my spun articles (yet) and can't imagine paying 5 cents each time I'd like to check a spun article.

    How important is as running articles through copyscape?

    Are ad companies going to run all the content through copyscape?
    If so I would be a fool to apply to them with un-unique content at the risk of being blacklisted.

    Anyone else using these?
    Much Thanks!