Wordpress Tweaking & Upgrading

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    The job I need done is to update one older plugin currently available. Although it does seem to still be working, I just want to make sure there's nothing that will be going bust due to any recent Wordpress changes.

    Next, I'd like its admin area combined with that of another plugin, with an option to use one or both of them included there, and they'd need to work together such that one launches then the other. And I need a couple of features added to the second plugin.

    Both plugins also have templates that I need tweaked to look nicer, and accomodate banner ads or adsense, cloaked and rotated. Preferably this simple ad rotator would also have a section on the admin settings page where the ad code would be added. However, some kind of flatfile would also suffice for this.

    Shouldn't be a difficult job. I can almost half-ass rig it up myself, but would rather pay a little to have it done right.

    Please pm me if you're interested and include a Yahoo, MSN or AIM id where I can reach you.