Wordpress Theme Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by turbopugsleylx, May 3, 2010.

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    Hey guys...

    Been looking for a good wordpress theme for my blog and have spent hours looking for one I like cant find one to really settle on so I am open for suggestions...

    Here's some details about my blog:

    -It's a health related niche

    -I am gonna be using it to publish keyword targeted articles on (probably over 2000 over a year)

    -I don't want to use adsense on it but banner space at the top and bottom and perhaps the sides would be nice...

    -Maybe a space to put a rotating youtube video on the front page would be good...

    -I want the theme to have good(maybe brighter) colors, and trendy BUT I don't want it to be "busy" and simplicity is important.....and since I gonna be using it to publish articles and content on there take this into consideration from a practicality standpoint...

    Here is a theme I like the tabs style(up top) on ALOT but dont care for the drab color and lack of banner space....(I think its the studiopress Chrome theme)

    hxxp://www.bradgosse.com/ (this is a marketer blog not an aff link)

    Any ideas....my brain is fried from searching...
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