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    i'm currently going through all of my blogs and breaking up long articles w/pagination. i'm doing this because pple tend to stay on my site longer and i get a greater ctr on Ads using "shorter" articles than longer ones....

    i'm gone through all the pagination plugins wordpress has, and i'm not seeing exactly what i'm looking for.

    the first type of pagination i want to incorporate to my site is the 'gallery' type.

    i've tried doing this with gallery plug ins, but they don't work the way i intended. when i click on a picture in the gallery, it goes to the picture's attachment page. i've also tried slides, but i haven't seen a slide plug in that is for articles like this...i've seen slide shows that showcase galleries on the home page. but not 'slide show articles'

    the second type of pagination i want to put on my site is to break the articles into sections, and then put each section on a different page using < !--nextpage-- >:

    the thing is, with the above, i wish there was a way to use the section headers (subheader 1, subheader2, subheader 3) instead of (page: 1,2,3) . i've tried using the table of contents plugins for this, but it seems that table of contents don't work if you use < ! --nextpage-- >

    i am interested to read your input.