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    Hi everybody,

    I'm trying to setup Wordpress 3.0 Multi-site feature but i face some problems in setup new top-level domains for a couple of new blogs.

    So, i have the primarywebsite.com with Wordpress 3.0 Multi-site and Domain Mapping plugin.

    Then, i went to cpanel and i did this steps:
    1. Wildcard DNS: Create a subdomain on your primarydomain.com called  "*" (without quotes). This will make sure that  <some-random-sub-domain>.primarydomain.com does not return a 404  error.
    2. Park your secondary domain: Add www.secondarydomain.com as a parked domain in your account.
    After, i created a new site in my Network and i tried to add a new top-level domain with Domain Mapping plugin but without success.

    Ahh.. And if i try to access to mysecondsite.primarywebsite.com, i got a 404 error.

    So, anyone knows how to get this working? If there is someone with some free time and just want to help me, please PM me with your msn :)

    Thanks in advance!