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    Description: I want a partial clone of the casinolistings.c0m website but done on wordpress. You can use whatever plugins that may help you: WPRemix , TheSis or other that are free.

    The casinos will be actually WP posts done in a special category(reviews) .We will fill post text(this is going to be actually the full review) , post excerpt (this will be the short description used on listings) and custom fields like rating, url , jurisdiction,country etc

    What you will have to do: Save the complete page of [email protected] , and split the html and CSS in different parts that will be put together using the plan shown bellow on widgets and theme

    1. You need to be patient and have a close look on the details,making sure everything is covered,explained and done well.
    2. Experience working with WordPress is mandatory..
    3. Portfolio on past work done on WordPress mandatory. so please PM me with your latest work in WP.
    4. If you run a company and you're going to assign this to a worker please do not bid. I'd like to have a strong communication with the person thats actually do the job..All freelancers are welcome
    5. If you have ideas that will help the development don't hesitate to say;)

    First Page
    hxxp://[email protected]/


    {LEFT} About us (white text on gray background)
    {RIGHT} Recommended casinos listing

    {LEFT} Latest Casino Reviews (5 reviews of latest casinos : Title + Excerpt + Score in stars
    {RIGHT} TOP 10 Casinos (title, and few more custom fields}

    {LEFT} News - last 5 listings from news category
    {RIGHT} Newsletter - WP widget

    {LEFT} Articles - last 5 listings from articles category
    {RIGHT} Recent comments - widget with last comments

    {ALL PAGE} - Links

    {ALL PAGE} Links + Copyright

    News Listing
    hxxp://[email protected]/news
    {LEFT} Standard WP listing from news category
    {RIGHT} Last news headlines - wp widget

    Particular News Page
    hxxp://[email protected]/news/2009/12/new-bid-control-gala-coral-group
    {LEFT} Show the post form news category
    {RIGHT} Last news headlines - wp widget


    Article Listings
    {LEFT} Standard WP listing from articles category
    {RIGHT} Last articles headlines - wp widget

    Particular Articles Page
    hxxp://[email protected]/blog/cocakolakid/rainy-days-still-come-winter
    {LEFT} Show the post form articles category
    {RIGHT} Last news headlines - wp widget

    Reviews Listing Page
    hxxp://[email protected]/casinos

    {LEFT}Show all listed casinos
    Title + Reviews + Excerpt + Stars +
    {RIGHT} Last news headlines - wp widget + last articles headlines wp widget

    Particular Review Page
    hxxp://[email protected]/casinos/32-red-casino-review
    Summary+ Ratings
    Full Review - Content of the post done in reviews category
    Visit Site Button
    Review Form - Actually is the comment form of the page

    P.S. Some changes on pictures and collors may be required so [email protected] guys can't sue us
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