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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by bbullett, Feb 23, 2011.

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    I'm setting up a wordpress blog got a mortgage originator. Original articles will be posted to this blog. We want to get these articles posted in different places to help the new blog with backlinks.

    One thing we want to do is to have the original article available for posting on a referral partner's site (a real estate agent), probably even posting the same article on multiple Realtor's sites. The idea is that by giving the Realtor our content we'll be creating good will and hopefully increasing referrals from that person.

    Next idea is we want to be able to have an article come into the new blog from a Realtor, allowing that referral partner to get a voice on our property, again increasing good will. Hopefully all of this will also create backlinks.

    Now here's the issue...Is there a way to do this automatically, or at least some of it, to keep from having to manually do it. Is there a plugin that will allow this?

    How can we get this original article moving around the web, automatically?

    I appreciate any words of wisdom and guidance you may be able to provide.
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    Well, sadly, I don't think many people are as nice as you are. I know for a fact I'm not, I would just scrape your site for content and not give you credit, as would every other autoblogger. Why don't you check out the white hat seo section, or better yet learn to black hat:firedevil

    Edit: Also, maybe uploading your RSS feeds to rss directories would get your desired results.