Wordpress Automatic Just Killed The Game

I want to use my own prompts, would that be possible with this new update?


Maybe I'm a pessimist but I can't imagine Google being a fan of all the new AI based sites that have shit out thousands of posts in a matter of days.
Especially if they're all based off the same models, the content will eventually become repetitive and plagiarized.

This is where keyword research skills will differentiate bad content creators from a good one. Even with current "prompt" parameters, people struggle to create high-quality content. Nothing to worry about IMO.

People already spamming that with custom plugins and now its widely available. Not a good thing If Google decided to do something about it. Just my personal opinion.

WP automatic make it looks more human and not automated if you combine it with a great list of keywords + prompt + images + quality off page seo. I don't see how the website will not rank it?
WP automatic has been killing it for a long time,
It's the ultimate and milestone tool for autoblogging and it works wonders,
Adding openai API would take it one step forward in fact and it's even customised,
That makes ai autoblogging a piece of cake

Will this work with cracked wp automatic plugin?
Well, if you can find the latest cracked version then it surely will work,
It has been the case for all of their previous versions
thank you, i have several licenses from this plugin, i will inform my clients about the "upgrade" to get some $$$$$
I was thinking about this yesterday and why google doesn't give a sh***t .. and I believe I have the answer.

For any worthy keyword in google, you will have some google ads + shopping in some cases, maybe maps, then snippet and some features. Then first result which will get the left peanuts. Then, second result which will hardly breakeven. So, for 99.99999% of worthy keywords ranking 4th is like ranking 500th, worths nothing.

And as no one had ever ranked without creating some piece of content, creating more content won't change anything. It was never content competition to begin with.. it had always been backlinks game. And unfortunately, chatgpt can't help with that.

Now, here is an idea for someone who wants to make some few bucks from this. Build backlinks using chatgpt. Create some tool like rankerx and instead of using spun content, start using chatgpt to generate articles. It won't be enough to rank you for some keywords in the 5 figures revenue, but you can easily rank some few websites in 3 and 4 figures/month revenue using this method. If you have the budget to add some expired domains in the mix, you should be able to rank more competitive keywords and reach the 5 figures/month quite easily.

I wish I were younger and had same enthusiasm like back then to start coding such tool.
Open AI is entering the mainstream
I've done SEO in some capacity since 2005, and I mean FULL-TIME. Not part-time, but full-time... This online biz thing has let me live a life that I could have only dreamt of as a kid and OpenAI has literally KILLED SEO for me.

I started working on natural language generation back in 2014 and my peers honestly LAUGHED at me. I was using python and third-party tools like Wordsmith: https://automatedinsights.com/ and I was doing things that people here are just figuring out now. Creating articles for sports betting just using spreadsheets and stat lines, custom scripts to pitch different betting lines, etc etc...

And when GPT first came out I was pretty impressed and got to use it as a dev with beta access, but what I didn't expect was it going mainstream as ChatGPT and looking at it, I SERIOUSLY think it's killed SEO. To the point that I held a meeting w/ my partners where we literally decided to forgo all organic SEO on Google... and you want to know why?

Because we've been years ahead of everybody for a while now. I don't ask myself about what's working now, but what's going to be working in two years. And we don't see Google being able to handle every webmaster on the planet just pumping out tons of content. They simply don't have the computing power to index it.

Couple that with how consumer search trends have been changing and people are using Google less and relying on other methods more and more each day.

We've literally quit all SEO.

When you're on BHW and people are coming on and can barely do more than copy and paste and they're already talking about generating content that's supposed to actually require expertise to generate you'd have to assume that for every one person asking there are 100 more reading the answer and doing the same thing. And there are countless more out there doing the same using plugins like this.

When the barrier to entry has been lowered to $30 it's time to pick up a new shtick, take your bat and ball, then just go home. Because your favorite fishing spot has been overrun by people who just bought "Fishing for Dummies" and are all trying to do what you did for years.

I can't say what we're doing now, but we've literally had to craft a plan around where we don't see NLG being impactful in the near future, but this?

This is trash... and might seriously destroy organic search as we know it.

Not because something like Bing or You.com is better, but because Google will have to fight even harder to deliver relevant results and consumers aren't going to scroll through pages of ridiculously tedious AI content.

They're just going to look in different ways.
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