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    Sorry if this has already been discussed a million times, but as a regular reader, I'm not aware of it.

    Here's the story:

    So there I was, minding my own business, busy in using a wordpress.com blog as part of the hub which linked back to my money site. Like all the sites in the hub, I build links back to it using Scrapebox commenting. Of course I only blast 50K or so autoapproves at it each week, so nothing major.

    I wake up the other day and find my wordpress.com blog has been suspended for violating the ToS.

    It takes 4 days to get a straight answer, whereby I am informed that:

    "We are seeing a very large amount of comment spam around advertising blahblah.co website".

    "If you would like the blog reinstated, you will need to cease this behavior. We would also appreciate it if you can provide us with details regarding any SEO firm you may have hired to participate in this campaign."

    Holy cow batman! They're not flagging my hub site on wordpress.com. They're flagging my money site, which I'm also promoting heavily and which I link back to from the wordpress site.

    Reason #237 that I hate hosting on wordpress.com instead of on my own-controlled domains.

    Just a heads-up in case anyone else is seeing similar nazi behavior from the wordpress gestapo.