Word up fools!

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    ...I am of course kidding. It is I who is the fool in this particular instance. I think I was trying to provoke a reaction. That's just a taste of the marketing genius I am :D

    Anyway, enough of this mindless babble.

    I am of course pretty new to this forum, and to the whole online money making 'scene' generally. None the less I have found it very interesting, if not somewhat overwhelming, reading through all the different posts and forums.

    I find myself in a situation where I am very eager to make some money online. I am particularly interested if this could be somewhat passive in nature. I have some okay web design skills. I can knock together adequate sites with CSS, PHP, jquery, etc, and am getting pretty nifty with photoshop (although there is still plenty of room for improvement in all areas listed). Although this is all good fun for me, the only money I am making from that is doing little side projects for people, or making websites for small businesses. Even that is pretty sporadic. Since web design is not my main job (although I hope for it to be one day) it does not make that much money when comparing time invested vs income. Also, I want to quit my main job, and either do something more applicable to my skills, or work for myself. Either way, to do that I need to get more clued up with online money making.

    My knowledge on things like SEO, affiliate marketing, etc is pretty limited, but I am slowly working through various books on it. I can also see that there are many different avenues to earning money online. I need to look into one particular area and decide on that. This will no doubt take a few months of just 'lurking' and experimenting to get a good lay of that land. Site flipping seems quite promising, but it's still early days.

    None the less, I am under no illusions which I know many noobs can get sucked into. I know that whatever I choose is going to be hard work, and it will no doubt be quite a while before I start to see any real profits, but its an investment I am willing to take. I don't want to be one of those over-enthusiastic suckers, who thinks they can earn thousands over night straight away.

    Anyway, thats enough of my life story. I have loads of respect for all the guys who run and participate in this forum, so I thought I would introduce myself before I sink into 'lurker/asking dumb noob questions' mode.

    If you guys have any good starting tips or advice, I would be very happy to hear it.