Word Gig International user - help needed...


Aug 12, 2010
hello, today i get to word gig article writing site ... i am a international user so from a USA ip i get login there after filling all fake items .... now i want to ask that if i fill W9 fake information as i am having security number etc fake...means not mine but working... will there be any problem ????

and is word gig worth to try ... i am in need of $300-400 by November mid as i have to payoff my loan so will word gig let me earn some $10 a day or so after working 1-1:30 hours daily .... or if u guyz having any other way to earn that much amount plz tell me .... i am currently also writing in AC but they accept the articles really slow ... they reject the article if i write many articles .... for example 1 week i tried to write 2-3 reviews of product daily they just accept 2-3 reviews from almost 14-15 reviews and all reviews are with quality and with almost 500-600 word length .. so please suggest me the way to earn that much i don't need more than that but at least needed that :confused:


thanxx in advance

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Hackey - first of all your post is a bit chaotic.

You say you need 300-400 by Nov. Try Fiverr then. If you have good imagination you could make that money easy...
ok sorry for my bad post ...

thanxx for the new site :) but thats not article writing ... as i am a article writer and i am not expert in other gigs like its on fiverr site ...

ok, plz tell me one thing -- on associated content which type of article pay the most means $6-7 or more dollars per article and whats the way to make your articles accepted instantly (i mostly write btw 350-500 words articles) ... i.e. which article should i write to get more $$ and gets accepted fast ... one more thing if i write 2-3 articles per day will associated content rejects articles after some number of limit ?

thanxx for those who will reply .... :)
What's the link for the site? I have a US tax ID and can sign up, maybe we can work something out on a jv basis.
wordgigsdotcom this is the site link and i am ready to do sharing if everything goes right ... u make a new id there and then see what u can help me on it ... we can write articles there and can do fifty fifty share :)
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