Wondering if this is an appropriate way to begin...

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    I am a newbie here so I will keep this short and simple. At the moment I am currently building my programming and web dev skills up and want to use this in conjunction with SEO.

    A quick question...

    Everyone has to start somewhere! I have an idea to have a little observation around my local city area and find some businesses that could potentially be juicy for SEO purposes and with some keywords in mind, analyse these through Google Keywords Tool. I am wondering whether through several hours of researching specific keywords that it would be a good idea to build say... TEN bareback websites and then begin to develop them whilst also building new websites and creating links??
    Also, would something like the Yellow Pages be another great way to look through businesses in different cities, and also to get keyword ideas for analysis?? Or would that just be approaching the side-wasting spectrum of things?

    tl;dr; Is a Keyword Tracker sufficient enough for a general idea of what keywords could be targeted, or is it better to be pragmatic and get first-hand experience at seeing what businesses are present locally, or both?