Withdrawing from multiple stealth PayPals


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Mar 5, 2014
So, withdrawing from 3-4 stealth accounts has proven easy since I just throw on a unique bank/savings account on each.

However, what methods do you guys use for larger amounts / regular cycling/replacement of accounts?

Lets say you have 10 or 15 accounts, each with $400
How would you go about collecting your money?

Obviously you could just open up 12 more savings accounts for each paypal, but I think that would be rather silly and probably not look good on credit reports to constantly open/close dozens of savings accounts.

Also, lets say you constantly make 10-15 new accounts each month as your previous ones go down. It doesn't seem efficient to have to keep closing/opening new bank accounts.

Likewise I know I can cash out buying stuff (gift cards, etc.) but I rather have all the cash to re-invest into product immediately.
I also assume having them all send money to a single "withdraw" stealth account would link them all together, so that's probably out of the option.

Suggestions appreciated 8)
Its a tough situation, but what I tend to do is send money from one paypal to the other account that has your personal bank account. Although this is not recommended by alot of stealth people, I usually never have a problem with it. I tend to stay below $300 a day with sending and recieving and you should be fine. Its always a risk though but if you weigh your outcomes for example only send money when the receiving account is in $0 balance to risk less money freezing. Also one other thing thats important, if you send money from 1 paypal to the other, give it a few days before you decide to deposit that cash, will definitely help you staying under the radar. Remember, all these companies use algorithms, stay under the radar and avoid pulling anything triggers that will alert paypal algo to freeze your account
Thanks -
This seems viable if you just had a few stealth accounts, as 2-3 sending to your "withdraw" account can probably be pulled off while staying under the algorithms.

But I figure once you start talking 10-15 accounts, regardless of how careful I am, the radar is sure to pick up 15 accounts constantly depositing into one specific account.

Maybe I need multiple "withdraw" accounts...
There's nothing wrong with having that many savings or checking accounts, just as long as you don't open them all at once. And there's a difference between having 10+ bank accounts and having 10+ sub-accounts. Opening bank accounts has no affect on your credit score at all. The most the bank will do is do a soft pull, which doesn't affect your score. If you have an account with that bank already, they usually don't even do that (Ally is the only bank I can think of that does a soft pull each time). The only way your credit will be affected is if you owe the bank money, for obvious reasons.

And yes, sending money to other Paypals is a huge risk when you do it often, especially with that many accounts. You may very well get away with it for a while, but each time you risk having the Paypal limited and having to wait up to 180 days to access the funds. Plus, Paypal could very well limit both (or more) accounts. Which is why most people strongly suggest not using this method unless you absolutely have to. Not to mention the time it will take to get your hands on your money is essentially doubled since you have to send the money slowly in small amounts and then withdraw it slowly in small amounts (or risk being limited).

My advice: open up 1-2 sub-accounts at a bank you already do business with. Wait a while, find a new bank and do the same. Continue to open accounts slowly. Savings accounts are great because the monthly fee is always lower, plus if the worst happens and you get questioned as to why you have multiple accounts, with savings accounts you could say you have 1 account for each of your savings goals (1 for saving up for a car, 1 for new furniture, etc) which is completely plausible.
can you get on chexsystems for opening and closing alot of bank accounts when you close every bank account and there is no negitive balance and the bank account is over 30 days old?
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