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    Nov 10, 2009
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    I have a PayPal account that is not verified as Paypal has not listed my country Pakistan
    I have few hundred $ in my account
    How can i withdraw them ?
  2. Alex Brooks

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    Mar 17, 2009
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    You can transfer them into a verifyed account and then into a bank account, the easiest way to do this is to find somebody with legit-paypal (Verified) - Send them the money in exchange for cash in hand.
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    Oct 31, 2008
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    one method is above or you can withdrawal with freelancer site's with Payoneer cards.
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    there's a good chance if it's a non verified acc that pp will limit it right after he start sending the money if it's a 'bigger' amount, he said he wants to transfer hundreds, so pp will limit it

    yup, this is a really good idea, register two accounts with different ips on the same freelancer site, with account 1 you post a job request with account 2 you bid on the request with account 1 you accept this bid and you pay with account 1 to account 2, so you can transfer your money from your non verified paypal account to a verified one or to a payoneer card but im not sure unfortunately if your non verified account won't get limited right after you make the payment and your funds get hold such as you simply send it without this freelancer hassle

    so if your paypal is not verified there's a good chance that paypal will limit your account right after you start your very first withdrawal, sending even if your country is listed and asking for a copy of your ID/passport, proof of address/utility bill....so you have to provide them what they want and you're fine, but if you don't have these kind of proofs (e.g because when you create your acc you filled out the from with fake datas), then:

    option 1: fake the documents, you can easily find somebody here to do this for you, at the same time i don't recommend it because it's a crime in most countries, nevertheless many people do it and they go away with it, why? because paypal don't have the capacity to really check this documents, who check this documents doesn't have a clue what are the differencies between a fake document and a real one etc. and they don't report you to your local authorities unless if you want to withdraw ten thousands of dollars

    option 2: hire somebody to withdraw the money to his own bank account and then yours, if im not wrong there are people who do this kind of service here as well even if your account is not verified and/or limited, but be careful when you choose this person
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    apply for a payoneer account..once approved, they will send you the card, activate it online and you can use it already