Wired article on name acquisition (basic)

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    I'm known to locate certain things from time to ti
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    It's a pretty poor article.

    "In some cases you may be more comfortable going through a domain broker, though that will incur an additional fee, is no guarantee of success and isn't strictly necessary provided you're able to negotiate like a professional."

    There's a lot more to using a broker than that: contacts and experience being the main one. Pretty much every broker works on success fee only, plus they are likely to negotiate you a better deal so most of the time you'd save money.

    "If the owner doesn't want to sell, make a bigger offer"

    That is terrible advice. You should decide a budget beforehand, and work to that. You should not get emotionally involved and overpay because the owner (who 99% of the time will want way too much) doesn't want to sell.

    "The Wayback Machine may also give you some bargaining advantage — how many times has the domain changed hands? How long has it been unused? Also look at Google's search rankings for the domain. All of these tidbits will help you get a clearer picture of how valuable the domain is."

    If you're buying a domain cold, you should already know what you want to pay. Variables like "how many times a domain has changed hands" has little/no correlation to domain value.

    It actually sounds like the guy who wrote this article spent about 10 minutes on it after finding a few domaining related articles elsewhere.
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    nice article, I realy been getting into wired recently