Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

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    This morning about 11:00 am, I booted VMWare and Windows 10 Enterprise. Much to my surprise, the OS, though set not to, decided it was going to update. Having been through this merry go round when MS was trying to force everyone on to W10 (they lost that battle too), I let the OS go ahead and update to the Anniversary edition. Two hours later, when it finished, I rolled back the install. It took about another 30 minutes for that. At least my programs were functional again. I had only wanted to perform a five minute task that I do periodically.

    Well, I decided that I had had it with W10's shenanigans and decided to remove all telemetry, tracking and update ability. First I booted into safe mode and renamed a bunch of files. Logging out and back in in safemode, I then booted the registry editor and removed every flipping entry to those files. This was a complete removal and not just disabling. Well... here it is about 3:30 in the morning and I have just finished.

    This was a lot of work, and could not be automated because most of the registry entries are locked making it so that you have to first take ownership of the entry, then set it so that you had full control of the entry to delete it.

    Of course I sent MS hate mail about them deciding how I would use the OS in my VM. But more rewarding than that letting steam off was the fact that once I finished all the editing and modification I was rewarded with a much faster Windows 10 Enterprise.

    Take that Microsoft.