Will this work? (need Help)

Discussion in 'CJ Affiliate' started by Vinnyla123, Jan 9, 2011.

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    Ok so i opened a CJ account and the only reason i did cause a offer they had I know the company very well that the offer is for

    I know this is blackhatworld So this method would be blackhat Which Means bending the rules.

    Can I use a proxy and sign up for my own refferal using a prepaid Credit Card?

    It would cost me 1.98 and i would make 98 dollars big profit and i know the company that the offer is for they would pay, they make to much money ATT owns them so i think they would not notice, BUT The only way to make 100 is through CJ and i am scared that CJ is going to notice?

    Let me know what you think any help would be good
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    IMO yes you could. You would be in violation of T&C for CJ.

    If you do it right after you sign up for it then yes your account will most likly be taken down. Now if you waite some time market the ad and get traffic going to the site and a few real sign ups then start putting your deals in.

    but if you are the only one making signups then count on your account getting banned.
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