Will these Niches work together?


May 22, 2014
I have been writing articles around personal development while also writing articles on social networking such as twitter tips, and such.

Combining personal development and internet marketing came about when I was writing an article about professional identity, which later I wrote an article on monetizing your professional identity. It covered both categories so well that I was unsure which to classify them as. After this I really thought about it, and with personal development, many people not only want to achieve a happier lifestyle, but a wealthier one as well. I also thought that the many people looking for personal development may struggle with normal everyday work and tasks. So providing another option or hobby such as Internet Marketing seemed to fall hand to hand with Personal Development.

Have you tried this yourself?
Any advise?
well darn...
PositiveD is certainly a valuable domain name.

ONLY $2,495 - I'll hold off for the moment I think....
IMO you're nitpicking a bit too much. Sounds like your two niches go perfect together....the journeys section here for example is both self development AND making money with IM. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to easily combine both with good results.
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