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Will pay for help on this shipping problem...serious inquiries only.

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by recon dude, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. recon dude

    recon dude Newbie

    Jan 9, 2009
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    After reading about my dilemma, just let me know what your rates are and then you can pm me and we can talk $ there.

    First, here's my situation:

    I have a membership website and I charge $17/mo. Currently I use ClickBank, and I've got killer conversions. I've only promoted it ONCE, back in February, and had a $47 e-product with a forced 30-day free trial to the site. I ended up getting 103 customers from just the initial 4-day launch to a list of about 800 people, and still, 6 months later, with no additional promotion, I still have 50 paying subscribers and a couple thousand people on my email list, so it's still making me around 800 bucks a month - and I'm not even doing adwords or anything else to promote it besides a couple of articles and free videos floating around the net. My list is now up to 2500 people, and I want to do a promotion to them.

    I want to ramp up this new offer and give away free DVD as a customer generator, where I charge a flat fee ($7.95) for shipping and handling, then a 14-day free trial to the membership site.

    Since I can't do it through ClickBank (I can give away the DVD but can't charge S&H, plus I'm sick of the 60-day guarantee rule), I'm using PayDot.com and Paypal Website Payments Standard.

    I've already got the DVD from Kunaki all setup, and everything's great.

    HERE'S MY PROBLEM: How in the hell do I collect the shipping addresses from the customers once they buy from PayPal?

    Right now, my PayPal order screen says this:

    Subscription To: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Membership, Plus FREE DVD!

    Terms: $7.95 USD for the first 14 days Then $17.00 USD for each 30 days

    Amount: $7.95 USD

    Once they complete the purchase, they are then redirected to my thank you page to download some e-products, and on that page they are told to check their email for their user/pass from AMember.

    So that's fine, but I need to be able to import the shipping addresses from
    PayPal so that I can send the DVDs out to the customers. I want to be able to just XML them up to Kunaki once a day and fulfill them right away (Kunaki DOES offer this feature). How the hell do I download the shipping details from PayPal?

    I don't want to have to touch product, and I don't want to have to go into my email account and MANUALLY cut and paste the shipping address (assuming PayPal even sends it to me) from every Instant Payment Notification PayPal emails to me into the Kunaki order form.

    This seems like a simple question but I'm pulling my freaking hair out on this one.

    Right now I have an opportunity to make a killing, as I have a highly responsive list and cool JV partners lined up (1,000 paying members X $17/mo = $17k/mo minus commissions).

    Sending the customer the free DVD is the hook to this whole process, so it's NOT something I can waiver on. My customers LOVE physical products (and no, it's NOT a "how to make money on the internet" product. It's in a totally unique niche).

    I know I've rambled here, and could've asked "How do I get the shipping address from PayPal?", but I really want you to understand exactly how important doing this right the first time is to me, and understand the importance of me NOT having to touch the product.

    Lastly, I need to figure out (or preferably, have someone do it FOR me), how to take my AMember account that I'm using with ClickBank right now and integrate it with PayPal website payments standard, so that the entire process for the CUSTOMER looks like this:

    Squeeze Page=>Sales Page=>PayDot.com Page=>PayPal
    =>ThankYouPage=>Go to Email account to Retrieve Username & Password sent from Amember=>
    Log in to Membership Site.

    Then I want the process for the money and shipping to look like this:

    Customer pays PayPal=>Money to PayPal Account=>I transfer money to Kunaki=>I upload shipping info to Kunaki=>DVD to Customer and customer is happy:)

    If you need anymore info to help me figure this out (and do the Amember switch to PayPal), PM me and let me know.

    - RD