Will pay $25-small traffic geyster project

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    Oct 21, 2009
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    I'm getting traffic geyster and I absolutely hate registering all those accounts from varies video sites and then adding the username and password into traffic geyster....

    I need someone to go into my traffic geyster account register me into all the video sites they support and all the other social network sites they support as well.. I have 100 YT accounts and I want all of them stored in TG as well. You can use one gmail account to do all the registering. you'll also have to confirm the accounts as well by going to the gmail account you set up.

    so here's the break down:

    1) create 100 profiles in TG each profile will have a youtube username and password. I will supply the YT accounts.
    2) register me to all of the non-youtube video sites X 10, social network sites, and other marketing stuff that TG supports. you'll have to enter the username and password into TG.
    3)you'll be responsible in creating email accounts and confirming all of the emails.
    4) I also want a spreadsheet of all the site you've registered with username and password as my back up. you'll also need to create varies email accounts to complete this project..

    this project shouldn't take long if you know what you are doing...
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