Will my websites be enough to get accepted?

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    Hey guys ;)

    I'm planning on getting started with CPA. Now, from what I've read in the forum you will need to have a website handy and be prepared to talk to an actual human over the phone. I'm not new to the internets so I do own a couple of websites and talking to strangers is not a problem for me, especially if done over the phone.

    This is where I ask my question: will my website http://www.cielosim.com (my business where I sell addons/software that I design and code for flight simulator and also provide freebies) or http://www.simframe.com (website I started but havnt finished) be enough for the website requirment? Would it be better if I also created a blog (ie. blog.cielosim.com)

    Also, can anyone recommend me some trusted cpa affliates that are good for new "cpa" people like myself. I live in the US btw so that should help too.

    Thanks in advance guys ;)
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