Will grammarly help me with english?


Nov 30, 2016
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Haha some of you guys probably avoid my threads because english isnt my native and therefore I often mess up grammar and times.

For example i often have no idea if I should write "i was good at it" or "i have been good at it" etc basically thats my worst nightmare in english.

im considering using grammarly to fix it or maybe some other site?
only for bhw? hell no.
But worth in general
It can certainly help with spelling, some grammar issues but it won't fix other things that come with writing more and more. I use it daily for my work emails and certainly helps.
its not for bhw

i wanna write english articles on my site actually im doing it already but i think im scaring off visitors

Yes it will help, no it's not perfect. However run articles through it for your site and it'll give you pointers on how to tidy them up.
If you just started blogging , then you might notice that you have to write many things and at that time you don't afford to make any mistake , then this tool comes in handy.. saves lots of reading time
Yes definitely grammar is the base of any language. If you learn grammar properly then it will be easy for you to write, speak English. Go with basic first.

One must know English as it is world wide language.
Grammarly is not meant to be a tool to make poorly written articles better when the discrepancies come in language barriers. While it can help, it would be synonymous with spreading a thin layer fresh concrete over a cracked and warped foundation. It may look great as it dries, but the structure is garbage.

Word by word, things may look great. Sentence by sentence, things may seem okay. But when you zoom out to the paragraph level, these small issues cause problems with the big picture. The basic Grammarly approach won't help with semantics.

The best tips I can suggest to become stronger at writing English is:
  • When you watch English television, turn on the captions and read them.
  • Get your ass off the Internet and read some actual books. Nobody proofreads forum posts and YouTube comments.
  • Create conversational threads on here, and respond to everyone with full sentences.
  • Write articles and stories, and then read your writing out loud to see if it makes sense.
  • Take articles in your native language and translate them into English.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread.
  • Find someone better than you and get them to look over things you write.
Grammarly + Microsoft Word grammar checking/spell check + Hemingway will improve a lot. But if you use tools as a crutch, your improvements will be 10% of what they could be if you immerse yourself instead.

That is how I started. I got an old Windows 95 computer for my 8th or 9th birthday and it was so slow that it would only run Office. I spent my weekends from ages 8 to 12 chopping firewood, doing chores around the house with my parents and sister, and writing stories about tornadoes and FBI field agents and abandoned theme parks and everything in between. I put my friends in the stories and then had them read them.

Practicing constantly eventually got me to the point where I was winning essay contests.
I went to Disney World for a week because I won an essay contest.
I've got a shit-ton of trophies in the closet from spelling bees and speech contests and essay contests I won on the state level.
I got an all-expenses paid trip to Washington DC because I wrote a killer paper on how we should capture stories of WWII vets before they all die.
I spent my last two summers of high school on college campuses getting "the college experience" and learning advanced mathematical concepts... because I wrote a convincing application letter.
I got my college education completely paid for because I wrote a shit-ton of essays my senior year of high school and won over a dozen small scholarships as a result.

And now I make a six-figure income between writing I do online, for clients, and in my day job.

Knowing how to write is (to me) the second most important real-world skill you can have. The first being the ability to communicate and filter your thoughts into spoken words and actions.
Grammarly is best online grammar checker tool for me atleast.;)
It has helped me with some mistakes which I used to not notice,
While it's not perfect it is a great help and I use it a lot myself when writing reports or articles in English. I'm not a native English speaker so I always make sure to use a grammar check and have somebody else proof read the important stuff ;)
Grammarly is one of the most best softwares ever made. Grammarly will help you make your English get better as it will pin-point all the grammar mistakes. I will urge you to download this software. This is the best app for those who are content writers. Please, tell me how you like it.
I've been writing for some time and haven't leaned on Grammarly paid version yet.

The free version helps a lot.

And instead of just correcting my English using tools, I prefer learning them while using the tools.

I hope that makes sense.
Yeah it's Good for Non-native English speaker but not 100% correct
Grammarly is an amazing tool that can help you out with spelling errors, typos, and some grammar mistakes. However, it won't make your article go from "English is my second language" to "I'm a native speaker." In fact, there is no program that will do that. Grammarly will prove to be quite a helpful program and a real timesaver overall. Not to mention, when Grammarly suggests a change or points out a mistake, it also tells you why it's considered a mistake. So, you can use it as a learning tool. Even the free version will help you out, but don't expect miracles.
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