Will CL Posting Will Be Enough To Make GoodMoney?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by gitmoney, Mar 15, 2010.

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    Will craigslist posting alone be sufficient to earn very good money in cpa? I'm new to cpa and craigslist just got into about 2 weeks ago. I did clickbank for a minute and made a a little something but cpa is so much easier.

    I made money with cpa in my first 5 days. Clickbank took me about 6 months before I got a sell.

    Anyhow, I'm considering buying a bunch of CL pva's and posting maybe 50-100 ads a day.

    Also can you point me to some good blakhat cpa reading?
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    Jun 18, 2009
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    and what do you consider very good money?
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    I can point you to the search function, that's the first thing you need
    to learn around here.
    Welcome to BHW.
    But I must warn you. "You have a much to learn young Jedi."
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    If the CPA company you are promoting allows CL traffic, then go balls to the wall.

    If CL traffic is against the cpa's TOS, then what will probably happen is you may see some signups on the front end and get "happy go lucky" cause you think its easier.

    Problem is, if someone reports you to your cpa company, dosen't matter who does it, if you are reported ONE TIME, just ONCE, your commissions will either be reversed or you will get banned from the network. And there are a mired of horror stories here proving that if you don't believe me.

    Or, your leads don't convert for the advertiser because you incentivised a non-incentivisibe offer, and if your leads dont convert you will be taken off of the offer.

    Just realize that this game is not all peaches and creme, and yes, you are taking a risk. If your cault sending CL traffic to offers under a CPA network that dosen't allow it, your FUCKED!

    My advise would be to find a BH CPA network that allows that traffic source, so you can be sure you will get paid. Otherwise, you will always wonder in the back of your head if you will get cault this time.

    And we haven't even talked about PVA's and the amount of money it takes to post in bulk. And if a sweep happen, all that money you paid for them, GONE!!

    Not very encouraging eh? Just letting you know about the cons, so ou are not taken by surprise.

    Good Luck!
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    I agree with oxonbeef, there is much to learn. I suggest spending a couple of evenings checking out and reading the craigslist subforum here on BHW. Craigs posting has gotten more involved in the last year, and only the more sophisticated and experienced have survived.

    You will burn up your pvas like no tomorrow if you dont do your homework first. Good luck have fun learning the ropes.