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Wikileaks e-mail about cryptocurrency

Discussion in 'CryptoCurrency' started by albertc, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. albertc

    albertc Newbie

    Jul 14, 2015
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    Since I can't post links yet I'll will post the mail here. It sounds concerning... Has anyone heard of this?<br>
    You can find the email on google, search "WikiLeaks RE: New feature: module MONEY in realease 9.2 (early March)" it is the first result.

    I found the e-mail in this article of Bitcoin magazine; "Italian Spyware Tracks Down Bitcoin Transactions and Private Keys" again you have to google it, no links for me <br>

    <font color="#555555"><span style="font-family: Verdana"><br>
    RE: New feature: module MONEY in realease 9.2 (early March)<br>
    Well done!!!  <br>
    David Vincenzetti  CEO  <br>
    Hacking Team <br>
    Milan Singapore Washington DC <br>
    mobile: +39 3494403823  <br>
    phone: +39 0229060603    <br>
    On Jan 12, 2014, at 9:45 PM, Daniele <br>
    Milan wrote:  <br>
    > Dear all, <br>
    >  <br>
    > let me anticipate the introduction of a new module, MONEY, currently under development and planned to be released with version 9.2 (early March). <br>
    > The MONEY module tracks cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin, and all the related information. At release time, the following currencies are expected to be supported: BitCoin, LiteCoin, Feathercoin and Namecoin. More are expected to be introduced in the following releases. <br>
    >  <br>
    > The module is able to collect various information: list of contacts and local accounts, wallet (i.e., the money) and the history of transactions. <br>
    > Currently it is intended only for Desktops (Windows, OS X, Linux), while introduction in Mobiles is still under evaluation. <br>
    > <br>
    > I'm sure all of you heard about BitCoin, however here is some relevant context to position them in your pitch: cryptocurrencies are a way to make untraceable transactions, and we all know that criminals love to easily launder, move, and invest black money. LEAs, by using our Intelligence module combined with this new capability, can correlate the usage of cryptocurrencies, defeating the financial opacity they provide.  <br>
    >  <br>
    > More details to come! <br>
    >  <br>
    > Cheers, <br>
    > Daniele >  <br>
    > -- <br>
    > Daniele Milan <br>
    > Operations Manager <br>
    >  <br>
    > HackingTeam <br>
    > Milan Singapore WashingtonDC <br>
    > mobile: + 39 334 6221194 <br>
    > phone: +39 02 29060603 <br>