why please help me why


Mar 9, 2014
i make an ebay with a vps new from amazon.
i google apartments in zillow
i make an outlook email then a paypal and verifiy it with ally bank then i make an ebay and verify it with textnow number
i put a logitec keyboard to sell new and put a stock picture i then put in details its new gonna ship with usps i put for 3 days then list it my listings goes up

i get mc999 i know this is normal they want mt to call in i call in and the person says i passed they put back my listing.

Then i list again and then they suspend me indefinitely for suspicious activity!
i have done 8 this week and all like this

what am i doing wrong?
can you assist me or i will buy ebay if u have whats your skype please i use amazon vps and the identity is fake just the address is from zillow it cant be this has to be something else
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