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    Hey guys, I'm a new BHW member. I have always been on web and it was just last week I discovered BHW.
    I can't believe this community existed, I feel like I found a goldmine or maybe I'm just blind.

    I am a really sceptical person , never been scammed sometimes even passed on real good deals due to my paranoia and scepticism .

    My question is , how can this community exist. I've known all my life that when it comes to money, everyone is selfish and everyone keeps their secrets to themselves, yet on BHW everyone just lets out
    their methods and shared them with the world without any reward.

    So why people post here, for social ,entertainment ?
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    Think about this logically, if you had a method that was earning you $1k a week why share it to total strangers ?
    However if you started out using an evergreen method making you $10 a day, then you don't mind helping others by sharing this method.

    Don't get fooled into people sending you messages and wanting to offer to sell you anything or mentor you, especially away from the forum.

    You need to use your own due diligence and keep your wits about you.
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