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why people go to hubshout?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by seobats, Jul 18, 2014.

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    Nov 4, 2013
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    We have a few SEO clients (resellers) who were previsouly using hubshout. These clients came to us for two reasons. First, they were unhappy with what hubshout delivered, and second they were impressed with our development services. Yes, these were our existing clients for whom we were doing development work.

    When they approached us for SEO, we looked at what hubshout could achieve for them in six months time, after ripping off about $8000. It was pathetic. Their site was not ranking within 100, even for medium competition keywords! I was shocked.

    We took over gladly - and did a better job. it was easy. anyone could do better.

    I still can not digest that hubshout can charge so much and still not deliver. I believe hubshout can not go wrong. I must be missing something. If there is no rank improvement - there must be value delivered in some subtle form. Can you help me figure out what that value is?

    Or at least help me understand why people go to hubshout?
  2. purdue512

    purdue512 Newbie

    Jul 19, 2014
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    Hi there. Thanks for posting your question.

    I am not sure about the specifics of the client you are talking about, but we have confidentiality agreements with all resellers so I would not be able to comment on it anyway.

    The results you are reporting are surprising, however. Our CEO meets with EVERY reseller EVERY month and they look at ALL campaigns. The reason for this is to ensure that we are on-track, feedback is solicited, and campaign improvements are made. It is very surprising to me that a campaign would go very long in our review process without a big course correction. He always has the Dedicated Account Manager (and sometimes an Analyst) on the conference call also - so many eyes look at all campaigns. But who knows. In SEO - it is often hard to pin-point what happened. Sometimes campaigns have a bad history from previous vendors. Sometimes site-owners themselves do things that Google doesn't like. And then there are the big Google updates we are all aware of.

    To answer your question: Why would anyone use HubShout? Here are the top reasons we hear from clients:

    1) Real Digital PR - HubShout has a built a fairly extensive media list and pitches reporters, newspapers and other media placements for end-clients. We know this is fairly unique in the reseller space because many of the off-shore organizations can't do this. Additionally, our Press Team actually calls end-clients, as a white labeled call and identifies themselves as part of the resellers' team. Our technology allows for the Reseller to pick a local number in their area code as the Caller ID, and if the client needs to call back, our Press Team answers the phone as the reseller (Private Labeled Press Team). We conduct interviews for news stories, featured pieces and press releases. We know this to be unique feature of our service. One of the placements we just got in a newspaper got picked up by an NFL Kicker and was shared on his Facebook page. Real PR, and real placements have resulted in great exposure and great SEO for our clients.

    2) While there are many dashboards available on the reseller market, we have not seen one with the number of features, API integrations and flexibility as ours. We have clearly been a pioneer in this space since we brought the first white label SEO dashboard to market many years ago. We have a full email module integration, for example, that saves resellers the $150 / month they pay to MailChimp or Constant Contact. Additionally, the reseller can brand the email module as their own.

    3) US-Based Account Managers - Our Account Management and Customer Support staff are 100% US-Based. This is a big plus for many.

    Again. Thanks for asking about HubShout. We are quite proud of our vision, technology and team.
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