Why no one post how to make $1?

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    I don't usually post but just read and mind my own business. But just want to point the newbie in the right direction.

    Most of the special offers that promise high return in short time are a waste of time. And time, my friend are your MOST important asset in your life. The only thing that you cannot replace. And your time is ticking away one minute at a time. That's jackpot mentality. High illusive return at impossible odd. The result is that you are attempting to go against odds. Never go against odd. It's simple math. Do something that is EASY. Find your first dollar. That's the magical dollar like the one Scrooge McDuck treasured so much. It might sound ridiculous. But this might be the most important concept you will ever learn. It's all about finding a easy way to earn that $1, scale up and automate. Easy means the odd is in your favor. Hope it helps those are in their quest to destination~
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    Not sure if troll or I want to sleep that much..
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    People are lazy--. I still get excited when a new site makes $0.17, or someone places an Amazon order and I make $1. Yet I make way more with my established sites. People are just too greedy and want a quick way to break out of their current lifestyle fast. I never bought into the make $thousand overnight deals, people need to focus on building long term sites and long term goals.. I see this logic all over the place. Someone will make a shit site, or post illegal videos on youtube and hope to make $25-50, before they get banned or de-indexed.. That's great and all, but then what? You're back at the starting point. You just started in IM, what's your next move for the long term, you have none.. You're going to get burnt out and waste your time and efforts on small things and small returns. I focused my goals on the long term, built sites that will help me retire when the time comes.. Sites that will pay off in the long run.

    I'm not saying short fast cash in IM is wrong, but most people starting out start this on a tiny scale, and they never get ahead because they can't scale it for the long term.. It's like people buying WSOs, your blowing $20 at a time on something that won't help you. When in reality, BHW and other forums have thousands of threads that teach you how and offer you real quality advice.. And I wish I could shake these people and say wake up, you need to get real with your long term goals if you want to succeed. But people will ignore it and dive into a cheap, dirty method that lasts for a second, and barely makes any money.. Everyone thinks there are secrets in the IM industry, and there are a few out there, but only a few want to learn the hard way and figure it out for themselves. If you can't take the time to learn, get educated, and know how to make your own moves instead of someone elses, well then you're just not a business man..

    The majority of these people lack business skills, IM requires them to be successful. People look at it as if it's fast cash, but it's entirely wrong you are building a god damn business.
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    I remember my first post..LOL
    'How to earn atleast $1 a day'. :suspicious:

    Anyway That was before!
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    Well, nobody wants to go after something that's only going to make them a few bucks; it's not a good sales pitch, nor is a motivating dream. Furthermore, not everything can be scaled up so easily.

    But I get what you're saying, the first step is always the hardest.