Why it's good to have Competition....

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    ...well guys, I started on IM about a month ago and now figured out how to earn a good amount of money per day with a, let's say, semi-stable method. I'm currently pending between 40$ - 70$/day with YouTube Vids + Blogs. Just to give you a piece of information what I'm doing. That's not the main point I would like to talk about right now.

    It's about competition. Yesterday I recognized some unusual referrals on my blog, usually I look on my Realtime Monitor and it goes like "Okay, YouTube ref, another one....okay, nice...YouTuBe, and so on." Until the point I get my lazy ass up and go on with some work. But then I was looking on some refs from a blogspot.com domain, a new created blog. This guy was so funny, he just copied my whole blog post, really everything, including images etc. No twist-up, he added really nothing to it. He just created new videos. Nothing too wrong until now, but this is a point you shouldn't do if you consider ranking well with your blog, it's duplicate content. But now here is the funny thing, he left the Link from the Title of the Blogpost to my blog. So every time a visitor clicks on the title of his post he will be redirected to my blog, and I harvest all of the earnings if I convert. I think in the last 24h I got around 150+ UV from him. Not so much, but hey, it's for free. No work to be done from my side. The vistors might think "whooops, now another design, another page, huh? But actually, this one looks better!" ;)

    Now this guy is going crazy, registering his xxx.blogspot.com to a TLD and changing things up. Now I got this TLD Backlink with increasing +UV every day. I'm looking forward to more. :cool:

    What do we learn from this?
    Better double-check your published content twice or more before you go out there while thinking "MONEY! MONEY! FAST FAST FAST!". And that's clearly what this guy is thinking. That's the point when you are doing mistakes. Everybody does mistakes, sure, but this one costs him money. He registered a TLD and is giving me free traffic with his Link. Most of his users will stay on his page but some will leave, let's say around 5-10%. Just a guess.

    Okay, guys, that's all I wanted to say. Maybe check your content! :D

    Good Luck and nice conversions.