Why isn't my Amazon listing ranking?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by MoneyValue, Jul 26, 2016.

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    I hope someone here can help me troubleshoot my current issue.

    I have a product on Amazon that I have been building links to over the last 6-8 weeks. The issue? It's not ranking anywhere for its keywords. It's literally no where in the top 200 for any of the terms.

    I build similar links to a fresh domain that is also selling my product, and that domain has had no issues ranking for the terms and reaching top 20 for most of them.

    But for some reason, the Amazon page does not want to rank whatsoever. Nearly all the links that have been built towards the URL are good quality PBN posts.

    Has anyone experienced something similar to this? I can see my Amazon listing when I google nearly the exact title I use on Amazon for the product, but other than that, it's not ranking for anything.
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    I would like to say some thing before you need to get links for your new sites.

    First of all you need to check the competition for your keywords which you need to rank. Low competition and High search volume keyword is best and low search volume keyword also better. So you have to build back link for low competition keywords first then you can go for high competition keywords.

    Second thing, you need to build back links from various kind of link building methods (link diversity) like PBN links, Guest Posting, Article Submissions, Authority Blog Posting, etc... and also do some tier 2 links for those tier 1 if it really good.

    At last, if you have high budget then you try to build some high tier links like Huff, Forbes, etc or buy some premium real guest posting links. These link not only giving you SERP improvements it also give some more real traffic to your websites.

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