Why is my site not ranking higher compared to

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    Hey guys, just want some advise really!

    Can someone tell me why my website mightymatcha.com isnt ranking above teapigs.co.uk

    Its got loads of backlinks now and lots of articles online about it.. but we just cant seem to rank higher than teapigs on the term " matcha"
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    Use traffic travis to see your stats and your competitors stats. The high PR backlinks will be the plus point in addition to placing more unique content at your site.
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    Google has over 150 different criteria for ranking a site :(

    So it's really impossible to say. Keep producing good content and get some high quality backlinks and justice will be done eventually!
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    Maybe your competition working just harder than you. Work on your site every day. Never stop with link building.
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    Also it's possible that your competation has aged domain then you. Google will give higher piority to a domain that is 3 years old vs 3 months old. As everybody else said keep adding backlinks and adding fresh content.
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    Your on-page SEO is poor.

    1) You have no 2, 3 or 4 word keywords, yet:

    "matcha green tea powder" = 4,400 / month
    "matcha green tea" = 3,600
    "matcha tea" = 2,400
    "matcha powder" = 1,000

    Cumulatively, these are more than the 6,600 / month the kw "matcha" gets. If it were mine, I'd have "matcha green tea powder" as my H1. You are missing several other elements of onpage SEO.

    2) Your content is thin. No Blog, no articles.

    3) You have 3 PR2 baclinks from one domain, which is basically nothing.
    4) Your site has no texture, no evidence of sophisticated web design. It's color scheme and layout is a spin-off of teapigs, but looks like a low-end hack-job. If I saw both sites together, I'd wonder if you were an unskilled employee of teapigs that quit or got fired and then tried to steal their former employer's market, but lacked the web-design skills to even make a credible spin-off. It's not just an imitation, it's an extremely bad one.
    5) There should be a "call to action" in the upper 1/4 of the page. I'd put a big green button that says, "To Order Click HERE" or words to that effect. See the "Buy Now" chicken on teapigs.

    Other negative impressions:

    Your too-small photo of the product on some kind of wooden cutting board might work if it were 6 times larger, placed prominently on the page and wasn't placed in the context of someone's yard. My first impression is that you are grinding up grass-clippings from your backyard and selling them as green tea. To be willing to ingest that product into my body would be unthinkable.

    If you are going to give odd and unexpected directions on how to make your product, it would be best if you gave pictures to show the role the whisk would play. Who uses a whisk to make tea, and how would they use it? How do you fit a big huge whisk into a small cup? Why couldn't you just stir the tea in with a spoon? Couldn't one use a tea-ball? Does your site sell tea-balls, whisks, cups, water-heaters, etc..., or only grass-clippings?

    teapigs is a much-more professional-looking site,but it is far from perfect. It's presentation also leaves something to be desired. I didn't look into it's SEO at all.

    teapigs, while slow to load, has some really nice photos, spelling errors, a twitter button with "0" tweets (dumb), and evidence of some skill at web-design. They have a lot of nice photos of their packaged products, but do not emphasize the actual tea, where it comes from, what it looks like, what healthful benefits it may have ,etc... as well as they could, and that may be one area of content that you can compete with them in. The "mood-o-meter" is stupid and cheesy. Maybe that's a plus for green tea drinkers, IDK.

    If I were a green tea buyer, I'd have to have some compelling reason to purchase online vs. the corner store. I'd also need to believe the product was high-quality, and sanitary. People that operate poorly designed websites might also fail to maintain sanitary conditions. On a psychological level, taking something into your body is a REALLY BIG DEAL. It involves visceral levels of trust and a vendor that fails to keep this clearly in mind througout every single aspect of the sales presentation process sends a signal that they are unaware and possible unsafe and untrustworthy. The grass picture is a really big deal to me personally. I wonder if cats might shit in that grass, before you make it into tea.
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    Local SEOist
    TEXAS (you have to yell, its the law.)
    Most pages have nothing for the user above the fold, either, and the home page has 172 words on it, all of them below the fold.
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