why I don't use my real name on facebook

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    This is pretty funny I am not a stalker.. I just like to see how much info i can get about a cute chick to have a conversation with later. " Stalking manual" lol

    so here is what what I did multiple times. without getting to much info i just say Hi get there First name. Next find out there relatives last name . in my case my kids friends have hot older sisters or moms. so a glimpse threw the school yearbook would get a last name

    Once I get that last name ill just get the first name to go with the last. most females use their real names on Facebook . so once I get that ill find out where they work what school they wen't to what their friends names are what school their friends goto or where they work at. The basic stuff

    So the next time I see them I can get a real conversation in and start Bullshiting like I just started working at " their friends employer" or I went to the same school at " insert friends school there" real good ice breaker. This will build a trust relationship and probably more :) . Not rocket science but it defiantly gives you a upper hand. Your not stalking.. your just doing research!

    another thing I have done was if I am going to a club I will get on twitter and enter that club name. once that pops up you will see a good number of females twittering that they are going to that club and hopefully they have pictures and their friends a responding back to them publicly about going .
    Once you see that jump on facebook and enter their names. do the same steps as above for all. do as much brief research as you can do . if you are lucky and you see them at the club. you again have the upper hand.

    I showed this to my friends.. they thought i was sick. but of course they started doing the same thing!. lol . So if you are a female its probably best not to use your real name on facebook!

    im not a stalker!. just a researcher! Blackhat Pimping!
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    Lol wow, I'd expect people to take advantage of the info made available on the net for pick-up reasons. The club/twitter thing made me LOL, it's just like PimpC said: "Pimpin' ain't dead, it just moved to the web."
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    marketing my online businesses
    i am wondering if they check there to see if you pay your taxes and what your really doing, lol
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    Well some people believe that the government and copssnoops on it's citizens. So what better place?