Why “encrypted_search_terms” Appears In Your Top Searches Result?

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    If you have seen that string on your blog through seo tracking, I believe I'm using seo pressor that provided that data, but if you have seen that on your stats from your visitors, this is why:

    If you check out your latest top searches result, you may find this weird ?encrypted_search_terms? term in the list and most probably it is ranked first.

    Have you ever wondered what it is actually?


    Apparently, this term is Google?s new encrypted search for logged in users. This means whenever you signed on with Google, your searches over Google will be ?covered? so that the site owner?s will not able to check out how you get to their sites i.e through what keywords.

    The Impact?

    This is definitely will bring huge impact to those who rely on search keywords to understand what kinds of topics and contents are driving traffic to their sites. This change has made organic search becomes less trackable.

    However, from Google?s official blog, it says:

    What does this mean for sites that receive clicks from Google search results? When you search from https://www.google.com, websites you visit from our organic search listings will still know that you came from Google, but won?t receive information about each individual query.

    They can also receive an aggregated list of the top 1,000 search queries that drove traffic to their site for each of the past 30 days through Google Webmaster Tools. This information helps webmasters keep more accurate statistics about their user traffic.

    If you choose to click on an ad appearing on our search results page, your browser will continue to send the relevant query over the network to enable advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and to improve the ads and offers they present to you.

    Apparently, even though site owners cannot check the search queries right away, Google will still provide list of the top 1,000 search queries for our site for each of the past 30 days. But for the advertisers, they still get some preferential treatments as Google still continues to send to them relevant info and search query.

    So apparently, google is forcing webmasters to use Google Analytics