Why don't you be my SEO?! Huh?!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Reeshua, Aug 30, 2014.

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    So I've got a potential client and we're talking via LinkedIn.

    I was suggesting to him that we build 5 high-quality web2.0 blogs as first tier, web2.0's again plus 250 wiki links as 2nd tier, and a 10,000 diversified links blast as third tier. He told me that he has a "better" suggestion:

    Instead of creating web2.0's, just submit the articles for the web 2.0's to 5 article directories. And the 10,000 links blast? He wants to point them directly to his site. He wants the wiki links too, pointed to his site. -_- He said this after I just told him that link quality is better than link quantity.

    For all the experienced SEOs out there, how do you deal with these kind of people? Or how do you explain to them what we do?
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    You don't sound like a very assertive person.... and tbo I don't really like your plan either (although it's definitely better than his lol). You're talking about "high quality links" but then I hear "web2.0, wiki's, 10,000 blast" and think WTF? You can get that type of shit done on BHW for like $20

    If it was me I'd build him a PBN, do guest posting, press releases, etc but your business model may not allow all that.

    Otherwise, all you need to do is PASSIONATELY ASSERT your OPINION then back it up with >>> evidence, case studies, research, etc.

    If he said that to me first thing I would do is laugh really hard. Then I'd say, "look, that shit use to work for spammers back in 2004 but this is 2014 and it will completely destroy your site." Then I'd show him evidence, case studies, forum posts, google webmaster guidelines, anything to build the perception that you actually know your shit.

    I don't intentionally try to insult my clients but if they are out of line or start talking stupid I have no issues putting them in their place. I'd get inside his head and start asking him shit like "you've ranked how many sites on Google?".... "and how long have you been doing SEO?"... etc. I'd basically feed on his insecurities till he just shut up and said "ok lets do it your way".

    You gotta be stern. But if he's really persistent & won't shut up then just double the price and do it both ways. Spam 1 site to death with GSA then do another site your way.

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    I agree with BreaknBrix. You also have to remember that you're the expert in this relationship.You just need to keep the client convinced of that.

    Are you sure he wasn't being sarcastic though lol?
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