Why don't my proxy lists ever work?

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by Too Much Coffee, Jun 15, 2012.

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    May 28, 2012
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    I've been trying to find a couple of proxies I can use for manual posting on 2.0 sites, but I can't find a list that will pass verification. I started with Charon, and the first list I ran through it seemed OK, but when I checked my IP, it detected my proxy and my actual IP...

    Then I tried proxyfire. I tried lists on here in the proxy form that were only 10 minutes old when I tested them and none of them passed as being anonymous. I registered for the proxyfire forums and tried a couple of fresh lists there with the same results- none of the 600+ IP's I checked passed muster. I run the tests through Ultrasufy and I though that might be the problem, but I disabled US and ran the IP check from my real IP and still got nothing.

    Are my lists just crappy?? Am I using the proxy checkers wrong?? ( I precheck the judges and delete the bad ones, I've tried internal and external judges) It's getting rather frustrating. I only need t make 10 or 20 posts a day, and I think I'm losing out on access to some websites because they don't like the Ultrasurf proxy.
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    According to my automation, currently approx. 1k out of 3k working public proxies are anonymous so the majority of current public are transparent L3 proxies that leaks your IP via proxy headers. You must leech and test larger lists in order to get more high anonymous proxies.

    You need to also remember that both of those tools are outdated, they were good tools decade ago. What do you mean by posting on 2.0 sites? It also depends on the service, some sites are more strict for proxies than others. Therefore I recommend to use high anonymous proxies either L1 HTTP or SOCKS proxies. Still it does not guarantee you will be successful with that proxy, anti-proxy techniques are getting better and better as time goes.