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Why Doesn't Mass Planner Have An Answer?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by xtremsports, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. xtremsports

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    Apr 22, 2015
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    I've just lost all my Facebook accounts after running them on Mass Planner (MP). Here is an in-depth look of how I lost my accounts and MP answer to why it happened.

    I had purchased MP's Premium Plan so that I could utilize it's full potential on FB accounts without getting banned or restricted by the FB police.

    After watching hours of video's and reading MP guidelines on preventing FB ban's with MP, purchasing MP's Premium Plan was the only choice in making sure my FB accounts were seen operating as a normal human being.

    I tend to lean on the side of caution by analyzing the crap out of things I'm going to purchase or use. So when I did place the order for MP I had already purchased US socks proxies in cities where my new FB accounts would reside. The new FB accounts were created utilizing these proxies. After almost two weeks of manually populating these FB accounts so they resembled the personality of the subjects for the purposes of these accounts, I set-up MP campaigns to automate the FB accounts.

    The MP campaigns was to emulate what a normal new FB user would be doing when first joining. I setup a time zone for evening hours that fluctuated between all FB accounts so none of them started at the same time.

    Each FB campaign in MP would do basically the same operation. They would Post on their own Walls from RSS feeds I implemented during the manual setup. All feeds are from different sources. The campaigns would do Likes from different groups each FB account was following. And finally, they would ask for Friend request ranging from 7 per day to 13.

    These FB accounts were not posting any ad's or soliciting any affiliate or websites of any sort. They were strictly being generated for their FB value for now.

    With all the precaution taken before hand while setting up MP as described above, I would have thought these FB accounts had clear sailing from any sort of a ban from the FB police. But that wasn't the case. All the FB accounts were banned on the same day.

    Not understanding why it happened, I requested MP support to look into the matter. I supplied MP with screen dumps of sections they requested and of what I thought would be valuable information as well. Here is the reply from MP on what they determined the issue was.

    “You were leaving some kind of footprints. It could be comments that you've made (id you used the tool) or you were sending friend requests to people that you don't know and they were reporting you. Also, it could be the IP address that you used for these accounts. Let me know if you need help with anything else.”

    I had submitted a response right after MP last statement in this fashion: What “footprints” are you referring too with this set-up. It's not from comments, since I wasn't posting any. Requesting Friends from a small amount everyday I thought was permissible with MP, otherwise, what's the point of having MP? And since my proxies were used weeks prior to the campaign used in MP, I doubt very much they had anything to do with the ban these FB accounts received.

    It's been a day since my reply to MP and I haven't heard a word back from them yet.

    If anyone on BHW can enlighten me on where I might have gone wrong with these MP campaigns I would certainly appreciate it. I plan to continue using MP since I haven't seen a better solution for automating FB's use, but I certainly don't want to lose all my work and efforts going foreword.
    Thanks for listening.