Why does Google do this ??

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Moggy, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Firstly let me say this site keeps changing its position daily... Page 3 to not even top 1000, to page 2, to not in top 1000 (except below). Isnt changing this often/quick a bit odd?

    Anyway, my main question is how come a site can be taken out of the top 1000 results, but then google lists the contact page still/instead for the targetted keyword INSTEAD?

    i.e instead of MyDomain com it has indexed MyDomain com/contactus.hrml only ???

    How do you rectify this problem?
    I thought about blocking with robots.txt but surely I shouldnt have too?
    What if I do want some of those pages indexed, but when you search for the keyword it only displays MyDomain com in the results?

    Also because the main domain (not subpage) doesnt seem to be indexed anymore (or not in top 1k results), if I did add robots.txt to prevent/ tell Google and others not to crawl the 'contactus' page, wont that mean my site/domain would be taken completely out of the search results *or top 1k) ????

    Thanks :cool:
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    just a normal google dance. get more backlinks to see stable ranking :)
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    It must be a Google Dance as Muscovy said...Some of the members here are facing this problem....Do some SEO Trick or service to get some traffic or increase in PR
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    If the main page has been deindexed, and you are only left with contact us, I'd say that's better than nothing. Usually deindexing is for a myriad of sins, including too many links, links from spam sites, links from bad neighborhoods, etc. Building more links may eventually help, but if the page isn't getting any traffic building more links may actually make the problem worse. Google wants a balance between the number of links and the amount of actual traffic.

    Many say to not give Google the traffic data it needs by not installing Google Analytics or using Adwords or Adsense. Google has access to other sources of traffic stats besides these, so hiding isn't necessarily going to work. If you can get legitimate traffic to the site because of a compelling offer or some viral traffic technique, installing Analytics can actually help a lot by verifying that traffic is flowing to justify all those inbound links. Kind of goes against the grain, but this is what I have discovered over many types of sites.