Why are they ranked so well ?

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    I understand how to build links and do a SEO campain but the bit I am missing is how to analyse the competition

    So to try and understand I have installed SEO quake plugin for firefox and have looked at .

    www paintballgames co.uk

    Its a compay called Delta force that run about 25 paintball sites in the UK and out rank all the smaller paintball sits on there SEO and keywords.

    So my questions is why ?

    Here is what i believe

    Links 1,200 links and from what i can see they are organic in business listings and from other domains that would fit the niche.

    Pages - about 1000 pages with pages for most major cities and towns in the uk .

    Google Adwords - using competors locations as key words as well as paintball.

    PR 4 - So i dont understand why they dont have PR 1 ?

    So from what i can understand the combanation of on page SEO with a large number of pages to get oraganic key word results espicially for cities and local searches then combined with a good diversity of backlinks in expected locations.

    So How would you beat this?

    My Ideas
    Google Places listings
    A bigger Better site offering more knowledge
    Similar link builing plan but spreading out to Blogs and Web 2.0
    A Blog to get the wider paintball community involved

    What would you do and did I get my analysis totally wrong ?

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    They rank so high because they are legit. And google can tell the difference between an affiliate site that's just looking for profit and a site that is tailor made to suit a true business.

    The domain is 13 years old and the entire site looks and smells quality. Phone number - contact - privacy - request callback - send us an email - link to UKPBA - all this stuff weighs a lot in google's eyes. If I were a manual reviewer at google and came across that site I would surely cement its position on the top of the SERPS.

    Trust me - a site as legit as that would rank high with even a handful of backlinks.

    They rank number 2 for "paintball uk" but the keyword itself isn't extremely difficult. Many link building strategies posted on this forum will get you to the front page but only time and luck will put you in the number one spot.