Why are my Organics and my Map Listing Fighting?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by charmingkiddo, Oct 17, 2012.

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    my website organic rank was #6 for "carpet cleaning seattle" - and while that was ranking my map listing was no where to be found. about a week ago all my organic keywords totally vanished and suddenly my map listing was ranked very highly - then the map listings vanished and my organics came back - then organics vanished and my map listing came back. It's happened three times now. Have you seen this before? any idea of what I should expect? I can vaugly understand why a ranking would dance around if they are deciding where to place me but totally confused by the fact that it always seems to be organics vs map listings, they almost seem to be fighting?!

    I have been having a worker spend 25 hours a week on my my listing, sure that has something to do with it

    am I correct in assuming that you can only be listed organically or have a map listing and not both? Are my results jumping around because I have been both working on my organics and my map listings at the same time?

    Do I have to make a choice?

    I've been lead to understand traffic to your map page converts WAY less well than traffic to your regular website