Why am I number 12 and he is number 2?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by enigma20, Dec 29, 2010.

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    I have a local search site that I have been working on for over 3 months now. When I do a Yahoo site search, I have 7 pages indexed and 2009 inlinks. My competitor at #2 has 53 pages indexed and 17 inlinks. Why does he rank better and how can I get over the hump? I continue to add links every day by blog commenting.
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    Because its not all about the number of backlinks.
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    If you can check the quality (you can't) + quantity (you possibly can't; you will need to ask him only) of his site's traffic along with the quality of his content, you can understand the difference (there can be many other factors too). So when you can't check the vital stats, you simply need to produce top-quality traffic (quality as well as quantity) to your own web pages to beat your competitor. Age of your site can also be a factor. G weighs too many factor to decide the rank of a web page and we do not know what all those factor are. So use better tactics that will make your web page a greater attraction (not just for the visitor's eyes but for his brain and mind also :)) for the visitors to come, return, and stay on your site much longer.

    Some of my own pages can beat sites like Ezine and Wiki in SEs for some keywords, but it doesn't mean that my site is overall better than those sites. So try to make your whole site a lot better and not just your web pages. Ultimately, it's the quality of the visitors on a web page that matters and not just web page ranking in SEs.

    For example, most of the sales pages of quality products do not rank well in search engines, but they are designed to make money for the product seller and he may get quality traffic from just one site -- for example, a member can redirect many members by using a high-quality keyword on a thread here to his sales page (which may not be ranking on the top of SEs for that same keyword) from our own forum here which can make him more money ... So if you are selling something (the above particular example requires to have your own product and not an aff product) then device some great strategies and don't just concentrate on getting to the top of SEs... Also focus on making your web page attract a quality and Well-TARGETED traffic (as mentioned, from the SEs as well from forums, etc) as well.

    A separate strategy will be required in case of aff. pages, and yet another for something else. So you see, it is quality strategies that count to create success and the same strategy may not be useful for all purposes.

    If your site has general info and nothing to sell, still study what your competitors are using to get to the top for the keywords that you have in mind and then try to create a better web page than what they have... build up your site accordingly and one day your site will be very popular (not just rank high in SEs).

    Or if you can't beat that web page, then use another HIGH-QUALITY keyword and try to get top rank for it. Or use many such keywords and get top page ranking for them. If many of those click together, you can reap better benefits... use multi-pronged strategy. Create similar quality or better-quality web pages focusing some other keywords -- they can help you create more traffic streams to your web pages.

    For his back-links, you can put his site's (web page actually) name in MS and check who are linking to him (his related web page). Again this is not exhaustive but it can get you going in the right direction. Take care to check his web page which is beating your web page for the given keyword though.

    I gave all these examples etc. because your particular case may require a very strong approach to get what you want, and our own opinions may not help you because we do not have all details. Every case needs details studying and then only we can give your perfect solution...

    Sorry, my own thought-stream is not running in a more focused manner today (because of an eye-problem), but I tried very sincerely to give you my opinion ... :)
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    Probably because his backlinks are better than yours ? Higher PR ? And he is mixing all kinds of Backlinks ?
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    yups......quantity is not enough, but the quality of backlink is important too
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    How many citations do you have on your site relative to the competitor?
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    try to get a few themed links then