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Whoops, I Almost Got Banned...

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by blackhat.mmm, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. blackhat.mmm

    blackhat.mmm Junior Member

    Dec 31, 2009
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    Online Gen Contractor, of sorts...
    Shrinking Hills & Rising Valleys
    Yeah, so the other day I almost got banned from BHW for breaking the rules.

    Total potential fail.

    Trust me, I'm no stranger to failure: I'm probably on my 15th business and I'm 29 this May.

    Do you want me to talk about some "character-building" bonafide busts that I've built before?
    I believe that they were absolutely necessary to stretch my faith, patience and mental fortitude.
    And then it was like I began "getting lucky" more, and now I'm hitting stride in my next phase.
    But I think those first couple chapters in the book of success usually get overlooked/skipped
    when you're just reading about it. Heads up 1st, 2nd & 3rd-timers: Failure's Always Step 1.
    Set your sights on the process of try, fail, tweak, retry, fail, change, try, succeed, next level.

    For example: I'm sure some of you play (a lot) of video games: Is the next level ever easier ?
    No. It gets harder and you've got to have more consistent/reliable skill to hang in bigger arenas.

    Anyway: As soon as I slipped off the noose (thx T in the 803! ;)) I high-fived one of
    my business partners who was not nearly sharing the same sentiments as myself
    b/c his main activity on the internet involves watching me doing things on the
    internet. He's good "offline" though. And I would not have "shared" that last
    line if he wasn't sitting over my shoulder right now. :rolleyes:

    So...yeah...I shook off the hook and I was pumped. That was close.
    I immediately went and read all those rules that I had initially blown off.
    I focused a bit more. Changed up my sig which was weighing in at a SIZE 4 <=== not allowed nUb!
    I wasn't exactly forum savvy before I got here, save the occasional **--
    oh, and of course I frequented ** for a season.... But by talking about
    why <sarcasm>some guy</s> got banned I'd almost gotten banned too.

    That would have sucked.

    And that just would've been me throwing like, a month's worth of work away.
    But still, my heart sunk for a second--I would've been devastated LOL. :)
    Because I had some plans and some emotionally-attached visions of what
    I was going to do here. It would have been tough. But if I had got banned,
    then what? Go back to a slow, boring, low-celing, talent-squashing J-O-B?
    Just resolve myself to believing that the internet is a bunch of scammers?

    note: Lately, 'I got scammed before' is the ONLY objection I'm getting over the phone..hmm...

    Yeah right, I would've just been like 'd'oh! Learn the game's rules next time
    before you waste another 30 days' & then somehow...someway...moved on.

    So it got me thinking (a bit) about my own businesses' and how the more
    work you do/have/are a part of, the more your character is displayed.
    And now, with the relative anonymity (ty G srch suggstns!) of the internet,
    and esp. if you're working from home, determining your working hours,
    you know: you are your own boss...? Well, then you get/have to decide
    exactly where you're little replicates toe the line. Business decisions ftw.

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  2. The Scarlet Pimp

    The Scarlet Pimp Senior Member

    Apr 2, 2008
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