Wholesale Unlocked Phones & More ( REAL WHOLESALE PRICES )

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    Bonck Communications, LLC
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    Bonck Communications,LLC provides an easy way for retailers to generate a profit. By purchasing cell phones at wholesale prices, with no minimum purchase requirements. We make it easier for any Retailer or the general public to buy Cell Phones with out having to buy a huge amount of Cell Phones to qualify for wholesale prices. Retailers can then mark up the price of the cell phones when they make them available to their customers. Sometimes they can even offer cell phones at prices below the retail price, passing along some of the discount that they receive to their customer. Wholesale unlocked Cell phones can also be purchased in large quantities as well. Third party retailers can offer them at prices that, while above the wholesale price, are well below those offered by manufacturers and cell phone service providers. It is important to bear in mind that Cellular Phones are often unique to individual preferences.
    If you are purchasing wholesale Cell phones for resale, you may want to keep a stock from several manufacturers so that you do not limit the scope of your target audience. In addition to retailers, families and companies may also want to consider purchasing wholesale cell phones. Large companies that provide cell phones to their employees can easily replace cell phones that are lost or damaged over time with wholesale cell phones. Similarly, families with multiple cell phone lines can replace one of their phones if a family member breaks or loses one, or add another line easily if needed.
    We welcome the opportunity to earn your business and win your trust. For more information and to see our selection of cell phones available for sale, please go to :


    Remember these important points
    + No minimum purchase requirements
    + All Phones are locked and Ready for Service in any country
    + Products shipped worldwide, directly from our secure processing facility in the USA
    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to meet you and do business with you.


    George Bonck

    Director , Bonck Communications, LLC