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Who is Zero Parallel?

Discussion in 'Zero Parallel & T.UK' started by ZeroParallel.com, Mar 18, 2015.

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    Sep 5, 2014
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    Zero Parallel is a Payday Loan Affiliate Network dedicated to providing excellent service, reliable platform, and unparalleled opportunities. The company is built on a foundation of experience, one that is derived from proven results. The president has also co-founded the most successful Payday Loan Affiliate Network in the industry.

    We understand that long-term relationships are based on trust, loyalty, and teamwork. Through synergy and constant communication, our team strives to deliver the following principles and experiences to our affiliates:

    • EFFORTLESS START - By joining Zero Parallel, you multiply your chances of an easy start in the industry of tomorrow. The industry has grown exponentially, and as such has become a properly regulated one. We must ensure that it also becomes a respectable and trusted one, so our clients and partners will stay for the long-term.

    • SUCCESS NOT STRUGGLE - Associate your business with a safe and reliable company built on combined experience, knowledge, and vision.

    • SUCCESS IS VALUED IN THE LONG TERM - We are here to help you every step of the way, that's why we are selective in choosing who we work with and why you should consider us amongst your trusted partners.

    • QUALITY OVER UNRELIABLE VOLUMES - We ONLY allow the right partners to join. You can trust the source of the leads, their traceability and accuracy, and our guarantee that they have not been triple sold. It is our reputation on the line! In this industry time is money, so let's not waste it.

    • OPEN TO GREAT BUSINESS - Although we offer all affiliates the choice to apply to work with Zero Parallel, only those who successfully pass our compliance, legal, regulatory, and ethical reviews will be invited to join us. This is our commitment to you!

    • DATA + ANALYTICS = PERFORMANCE - Our proprietary system provides real time reporting, while offering essential insights into your leads through exhaustive analytics. Our focus is to provide you consistent results.

    • EVERYONE HAS TO BE PAID - We all work hard. No point in doing so if payment is at risk. In carefully selecting its partners, Zero Parallel will also make sure that any and all agreed payment terms are respected.

    • SHARED KNOWLEDGE - As Partners, we strive to promote shared knowledge of the industry with all of our participants. To that effect we have set up regular monthly educational compliance calls to aid our affiliates with their compliance needs.

    • COLLECTIVELY IMPROVING BENEFITS FOR ALL INVOLVED - We are dedicated to providing a superior experience for lenders and affiliates, while protecting consumers.

    Although these topics will be discussed in more detail throughout the forum, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are dedicated to delivering excellence.


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