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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Website, Aug 31, 2009.

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    social networking to be underwhelming in terms of generating traffic? When you use social networks like Digg, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Weebly to promote your website do you find yourself getting only a small spike in traffic that quickly dissipates?

    How about link wheels? Do you find the search engine traffic underwhelming or non existent?

    Or article writing? Find that your articles don't drive any traffic (or only very little) to your main site?

    Just want to get an idea of what people think.
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    Social bookmarking should not be used for traffic. For me, it's only a way to help me get some backlinks and it's a way for google to find and crawl my site/posts more quickly.

    Web 2.0 stuff like that is also just a way to help my main site. Web 2.0 stuff tends to get indexed pretty quickly, especially if you point some social bookmarking sites at them as well as ping them. They're also good buffers for when you want to try something. Instead of your main site, you can try it on a throwaway site and see what happens.

    Link wheels are great for both traffic as well as increasing your money site's SERP. Find a decent word and you can dominate the first two pages of google for not to much work. The problem with most people and link wheels is they either always look for the golden keyword, which doesn't exist, or they go for a decent keyword but give up when they don't see results right away. It takes time to rank for anything.

    Article marketing is my bread and butter. Articles are great for helping your website/posts get indexed quickly, they're great for backlinks and they're great for traffic. A good ezinearticles article will get you some nice traffic. Then what you do is get an article spinner like PAR and submit it to other top directories like goarticles, buzzle, article alley, isnare, affiliate sphere and a couple of others I can't think of right now. These article directories will give you even more links and even more traffic. Nothing beats article marketing IMHO when it comes to strictly white hat stuff. Also, hop onto some article wordpress MU sites like writers-block-unblocked.c0m, 3-step-ads and unique-article-database. You get some clicks and backlins, which never hurt.

    My plan of attack when it comes down to it is write a new page/post for my website. Then re-write that article VIA PAR and submit it to ezinearticles. Then I use Seo Nuke and submit it to a bunch of article directories, and create a web 2.0 link wheel. Then I ping and socially bookmark everything and submit rss feeds to a bunch of different places.

    If you're just starting or don't have the cash, what you should do is write a page or blog post, rewrite it with PAR so it's 35%-40% unique and then submit it to Ezinearticles, Buzzle, Goarticles, ArticleAlley, Amazine, ArticleDashboard, Isnare and the WPMU sites I mentioned above. You'll get tons of traffic and as long as your site doesn't look like ass, you should get some conversions.

    The other thing I'm going to try this week is setting up a squeeze page to an optin list and point all my new articles there and have another link point directly to the vendor's page. I think this will work well in converting desperate people right away as well as getting more back end sales via the list