Who got hit by Panda 4.1 ?

It was mainly a content specific hit, so if you have a bunch of spun content or a few pages on your site, then you might get shuffled back a few pages
My visitor are Double now,Hope it will be increase more,No deep seo done,because of quality content.
Another thin content update which is supposed to be more precise this time and favors high quality small and medium-sized websites. I'll be watching the SERPs for the keywords I track to see if small and medium-sized sites will gain any rankings.
Yea. Had a small site ranked first page for a couple keywords. Lost like 60 spots overall, around 10 spots for each keyword.
No big changes yet, i guess it will take a couple of days to see the full effects.
The Panda tried to throw a punch but he didnt hit me so far, I once got jumped by 4.1 Panda's but thats a whole different story!
Me, for no reason though it's ridiculous. I hand write all of my stuff and I'm English and even have an A-Level in English Lit. so it clearly doesn't know what it's doing to brand some of my pages as poor quality. Hopefully find out what it targeted soon so I can change it. AFAIK you don't have to wait forever for recovery like you do with Penguin.
4 out 5 of my sites got hit .Reducing 3000 daily traffic to 300 daily .I wrote my content manually .I don't know what is wrong ? I wait for one week and see what to do
I got pushed up a couple spots into the bottom of page 1 for a 165K searches per month keyword!

I'm not sure if it was the update or my own efforts (both maybe?) but I'm excited ;)
I got slight hit, lost 3-5 positions on some long and medium tails. Not because my site got a penalty but because penalty was lifted from competitors.
I love how you people really belief that this is a "real algo update", it is just a reshuffle of the index, your content and the amount of content your have has 0 influence, but the stock-prize and their shareholders do, that s why Google reshuffles their index every year, you call it panda updates...

Google calls it the ca-ching update, cus it will move a lot of webmasters to their over expensive adword program, look at all the sites that have ranked with crappy gibberish content after all these so called "panda updates"

Maybe if you buy content that cost $25- per 100 words you can beat it, but i'll bet that one nice panda morning your whitehat, expensive high quality content site is going to be gone from the index, why? because Google wants you to pay for their traffic so they can make their shareholders happy, that is why.
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