Who else can't compete on Desktop traffic anymore ?

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by host32, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Hey there guys

    It's just too much, the prices for desktop traffic are getting higher and higher for both the newsfeed and the right column!

    For my targeted audience, which are small businesses with various interests the minimum bid is $1.4 !! ! !

    However the same audience is more than 50% cheaper on mobile devices, the bid for the same audience in my case starts at $0.55 which is fairly reasonable, in fact this is what it was 2-3 yrs ago for desktop but I guess it's a new era now and we have to adapt or die.

    I'm on the look out for a good mobile squeeze page and I'll switch all my campaigns to mobile traffic to see how it goes, something doesn't feel right about this move, but after all they are the same people lol

    How are you guys fighting the constant instability of facebook's CPC ?

    - Host32
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    It's irreversible. Facebook is a goldmine (for Facebook) and the prices will not come down in the foreseeable future. Organic reach is all but dead too.
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    Under the tree of money.
    Remember that this is a Display campaign, a push campaign not a pull campaign as its the case with Search ads.

    What I`m trying to say is that you have to be damn sure you`re targeting the right audience if you`re expecting direct results from this channel.
    On the other hand, creativity is also an important factor. You have to stand up from other feeds and have your message heard.
    Play with angles, test different images, limit your cpc, do A/B testing on landing page to improve conversion and so on.

    There are lots of ways to stay in the game and bank hard but if you don`t adapt, other competitors will.
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